We're bringing you a brand new QWIZme experience. 🐽

Trade in your tokens for coins, PINCHers, 'cause QWIZme just made some major upgrades!

A brand new QWIZme has officially rolled out, featuring an entirely new prizing system that allows YOU expanded opportunities to play and earn rewards.

Plus, if you're already a previous QWIZme user, we've now converted your entire past lifetime token value into a  new coin-based value, allowing you to be an active user in the new QWIZme automatically.

What's QWIZme?

QWIZme is PINCHme.com’s platform that allows PINCHme members (PINCHers) to take surveys in return for earning coins that they can then cash out for rewards in the form of gift cards, deluxe sample boxes and other prizes.

How does QWIZme work?

1. PINChers visit pinchme.com/qwizme and "play" QWIZme by taking a survey valued at either 50 coins or 100 coins. These surveys are provided by our 3rd party survey partners and span a variety of topics and user demographic qualifications. Coin values are determined on the complexity of the survey and are noted below:

  • 50 coin survey: averages 5 – 20 minutes in duration
  • 100 coin survey: averages 25 – 45 minutes in duration

2. With every successful survey completed, users earn coins that are then added into their account. Coins are acquired without expiration. Users accrue and keep the full value of their coins until the user takes action to cash out with them for a reward(s) through QWIZme checkout.

3. Once a user has earned enough coins to become eligible, they can cash out their coins at ANY TIME (via QWIZme checkout) for one of four (4) reward tiers:

  • Reward Tier 1: 1,000 coins = $5 Amazon gift card 
  • Reward Tier 2: 3,000 coins = $15 Amazon gift card + double (2x) entries into the monthly jackpot prize
  • Reward Tier 3: 5,000 coins = $50 value sample box + double (2x) entries into the monthly jackpot prize
  • Reward Tier 4: 10,000 coins = $100 value sample box + triple (3x) entries to the monthly jackpot

4. In addition to the four (4) cash out reward tiers, users are also eligible to win additional QWIZme prizes through weekly prize draws and the monthly mystery jackpot prize:

  • Weekly prize draws for 1 of 3 PINCHme boxes:

Each week, three (3) randomly selected winners will be chosen to win one of the three box types every week (you're entered to win automatically, with every survey you take):

                 I: PINCHme sample box ARV: $25
                 II: PINCHme sample box ARV: $100
                III: PINCHme sample box ARV: $ 250

Weekly prize draws begin on Monday at 6 p.m. EST and end each corresponding Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST.

  • Monthly mystery jackpot  prize:

At the end of each month, one (1) randomly-selected user will win BIG—a mystery jackpot prize valued up to $3,000! Prizes will be of cash value and inclusive of subscriptions, goods and services spanning travel, technology, beauty, retail and household appliances.

The monthly jackpot winner will be randomly chosen after the last day of each month and will not automatically be the user with the highest coin value at the end of the month. (And, with every checkout you complete with reward tiers 2, 3 or 4, you'll get double or triple entries into the monthly drawing!)

We're super excited to be able to deliver a better QWIZme experience and reward program structure for our PINCHers and can't wait to hear what you think!

Drop us a note and tell us your thoughts on the new QWIZme by emailing