We thought it would be a good time to share some answers to commonly asked questions, as well as provide some best practices and tips for our website.

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Once you have signed up, be sure to go back to your profile page to complete the ABOUTmeand MORE ABOUTme. This is how we match you with samples, so make sure it is accurate and complete.

You can also watch this video to learn How PINCHme Works.

1.    When do samples come available?

Samples are released once a month on our ‘Sample Tuesday’ at 12pm EST. Keep an eye on www.pinchme.com for future sample day announcements as well as on our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

2.    Where do I find my samples?

Any free samples available to you can be found on the SAMPLEme page once you’ve created your account. Click here.

3.    What samples does PINCHme offer?

We offer a range of samples like beauty, household, food and pet. You name it! To see our past samples, click here.

4.    Why do I not have any free samples to claim?

This could be due to a number of reasons. The samples we have on offer can be targeted depending on our brand partners, so make sure that your ABOUTme and MORE ABOUTme are complete and accurate in order to qualify for samples. Another reason is that there is often a high demand for our free samples and sometimes all inventory is claimed.

5.    Where do the free sample products come from?

PINCHme products are supplied by many of the leading product manufacturers in the United States and we are constantly working with different brands.

6.    Can’t complete your feedback?

Is your sample damaged? Is a sample missing? Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Don’t worry! Under these circumstances we can offer you an exemption from leaving feedback. Here’s how:

·      Log into your account at www.pinchme.com

·      Click onto the drop-down arrow next to your name (or onto the menu if accessing the website from a mobile device)

·      Click on ‘My Profile’

·      Click on ‘Feedback’

·      Click on ‘Start’ next to the relevant survey

·      Scroll down to the end of the survey and click on ‘Can’t complete feedback?’

·      Select the appropriate reason from the drop-down menu

·      Click ‘submit’

If you need any further assistance, please contact Customer Service at help@pinchme.com.  

Please note, however, that PINCHme normally cannot replace damaged samples as we do not keep spare samples on hand.

Happy sampling PINCHers!