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Doesn’t it seem like most people have the new year’s resolution to lose weight?  Guilty as charged!  Also, losing weight is the perfect example of a goal that’s much easier said than done.  Am I right? Choosing the right program for you, implementing your strategy, and executing it day-in and day-out are the challenging parts.  So how do you get started on this journey?  We all suffer from information and product overload in our daily lives. There are so many programs, meal plans, workout equipment, content subscriptions, and fitness app options available to us.  Being a savvy consumer in today’s day and age, how do you make sense of it all?  Let’s face it too, not everybody can fit a Peloton bike and portion-controlled, gourmet prepared meals into their budget!


Like anything else, when it comes to your health, fitness, and general well-being, both your time and money are by far the most valuable assets. That’s why we think our friends at Noom are onto something big.  To put it simply, Noom just does things differently. As a starting point for their special 14-Day Free Trial program (that we’re offering our members!), Noom conducts an extensive psychology-based weight loss evaluation.  The purpose is for Noom to get to know each individual trial user much better before offering a custom plan(yes, every Noom user gets their own personalized weight-loss plan!).  Noom aims to understand you on a deep level.  Not only who you are, where you come from, and other demographic information.  But more importantly, your habits, behavior, nutrition, and activity.  Here are some of the more thoughtful questions Noom asks you when designing your plan:

·     The strategy depends on lifestyle, which best describes you?

·     Main reason for wanting to lose weight?

·     Interested in just weight loss or also replacing muscle with fat?

·     Do you have back issues?

·     Do you suffer from or does your family have a history of diabetes?

·     Do you play sports?

·     What is preventing you from reaching your goal?

·     What do you want the focus to be?  Ie. Habit building

·     Do you have a drinking habit?  

Again, answers to these important questions help produce the end result; a fully customized free trial weight-loss program designed just forYOU! Statistics show their method helps create long-term results through habit and behavior change.  Not through restrictive dieting.  Here is what the medical journals have to say:


So, you are probably wondering…what do you actually get with your Noom subscription?  I will tell you, it is too much to go into a single blog post. It is also one of those more profound feelings you just need to experience for yourself.  That said, you get24-hour access to the app which pairs you to a goal specialist who will help you stay on track by setting goals each week. You also receive a group coach who will help facilitate engagement between Noom members.  Instead of getting one consultant, you get a variety who range from registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, psychologists, and more.  The professional support is aimed at providing the best member experience possible.


Finally, our favorite feature of the program is the always-on, peer-based support available through the app.  There is no reason to go at this alone! Research shows that going through a weight-loss program solo increases your chances of quitting.  The Noom online community is there to get your back, support you through the most challenging moments of the journey, and ultimately, to help you keep off the weight for good once you’ve achieved your goal.  By the way, Noom is able to accurately forecast when you will reach your goal if you stick to the script!


So are you convinced? At PINCHme, we really think the time is now.  This special risk-free trial offer will not be available forever.  Please claim it now before it is too late.  If you are still skeptical about this being a 100% Risk-Free 14-Day Trial, please see the screenshot below from went we went through the process: